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Baker Allegan Studios

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Fiber Arts Studio and Gallery

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Purchase includes:

12 Dent SS Reed

Inserted Eye Heddles

Dbl Back Beam:

     *Sectional with 1" Sections

     *Plain Beam with canvas apron

Rocking Bench with pockets

3 Lease Sticks

Must see this beautiful LeClerc 8 Shaft 10 Treddle loom. All cleaned up and lubricated and fully tested to Debs satisfaction. This is not a beginners loom. This loom is designed for the experienced weaver who wishes to weave with dissimilar weight warp threads to accomplish complex patterns and textures. If this is you... this loom will take you anywhere you want to go. Loom is warped and available for you to test.

Boat Shuttle with Bobbin
Loom Tools
Manual and Video
Reed Hook
Heddle Hook

Rear Hinged Treaddles

36" LeClerc Nilus II 8 Shaft Weaving Loom

List Price for this loom is over $5,220 as equipped. This is a great loom at a great price:$2,500