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   I finally got this girl up and running perfectly. This is a beautiful, Hand made, solid Maple, 4 shaft floor loom with a completely re-engineered lift system and tie-ups, modified warp beam and brake system. Added a handle to the cloth beam and a foot rest for the rear-hinged treddles. She has now passed the "Deb" test. This would be an great loom for Rag Rugs, as it has an amazing shed, but it will weave anything from rugs to fine fabric.

   We got this loom from a woman who told us her Grandfather built it for her Grandmother. Usually, when we hear this... we think: 1800's Old Barn Loom. When we went to pick her up, the woman turned out to be a young lady in her late 20's and we were surprised to see this "modern" loom. She had no idea how to weave, but remembered her Grandmother being so proud that her Husband had built it for her. When both of them had passed, no one in the family wanted the loom. Her fond memories couldn't let it be tossed out... so she had carted it around with her from one apartment to the next. She finally got an offer to fly out to Portland Oregon and couldn't take it with her. She wanted for it to be restored and used again so her Grandparents would live on through the art of Weaving. I hope she checks back with us to see how it turned out. In all the boxes of stuff she gave us with the loom, we found her Grandmothers cook book. Being sentimental... I'm sure she would want this back.

Loom includes:

12 Dent Steel Reed

Spool Rack w/ Spools

Tension Box


Boat Shuttle w/ Bobbins

Stick Shuttle

Rag Shuttle

Reed & Heddle Hooks

Hundreds of extra heddles‚Äč

45" 4 Shaft Maple Loom. Custom built from Craft-Plans Rodgers of Minnesota. with Sectional Warp Beam.