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The Mahan Park Gazebo, Riverfront Plaza
Downtown Allegan

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Mahan Park Gazebo, 135 Brady St.
Allegan Mi 49010

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  Downtown Allegan Michigan, Things to do in West Mi

The areas that are shaded in Grey, are available parking lots.

Hubbard Street is a One Way from M89/M40 to Chestnut Street, so if you are coming in across the "Old Iron Bridge" for the Griswold Auditorium or the Mahan Park Gazebo your best bet is to park on the Riverfront Plaza or the Lot between Locust and Chestnut.

If you are coming in to Hubbard Street from M89/M40, there is limited parking behind the Griswold. Take the driveway on you right as you come to Walnut Street. Your best bet will be the parking lot for the Allegan County Court House on your left as you pass the Sheriffs Office. It is marked "Parking for Court House Only", but after hours they do not mind if Griswold Patrons use it.

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