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Used Looms for sale in Michigan, Harrisville Designs 36" 4 shaft loom

This is a Harrisville Designs, Folding 36" 4 Shaft, 4 Treadle, Direct Tie up Loom. She has been completely cleaned and has had a hand rubbed antique oil finish applied to all the wood. Mechanically, she has been fully restored and fully tested. She is in beautiful working order and ready for a new home. As you can see... she is warped with a project and we have woven several items off of her. There is plenty left for you to give her a try for yourself. This is one of the advantages of buying a used loom from Baker Allegan Studios... you know the loom works, and you know you like it before you buy it. You can't do that with a loom you buy on line or from a yard or estate sale. Even some other weaving shops that sell looms, don't have a project on the loom so you can test it.

Used Loom, Harrisville, 36" 4 shaft in Michigan


Used, fully reconditioned Harrisville Designs

36" 4 Shaft, 4 Treadle, Direct Tie Up Loom


8 Dent Reed

Plain Warp Beam

Flat Steel Heddles

Friction Brake

A Pair of Lease Sticks

Used Harrisville 36" 4 shaft loom in West Michigan
Used Looms in West Michigan for sale, Harrisville, 4 shaft loom

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