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Used Custom Loom 36" 4 Shaft / 6 Treadle Loom

This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL, custom-made Mahogany and Maple loom that we have completely restored and adjusted. The rear hinged treadles are easy on the knees and the friction break system makes advancing the warp nice and smooth. We believe this looms was built by a micro-manufacturer in the Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids area of West Michigan. We've only seen one other like it. It is a very sturdy loom, well built with mortise and tenon construction. We've made several engineering changes to the frame of the loom, making it considerably more comfortable to weave on as well as improve the shed in the warp threads. She is heavy enough to handle any rug and delicate enough for your finer weaving projects. Deb LOVES weaving on this loom and we're sure you will too.


12 Dent Reed

Flat Steel Heddles

Sectional Rear Beam with new cords

New Tie-ups, cords

Used Custom Loom. 36" 4 Shaft

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