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Sow Spun Silk Fiber Arts Studio

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& Old Mill Yarn


Comes with:
Boat Shuttle and 2 Bobbins,
Heddle Hook and Reed Hook
Approx 500 Flat Steel Heddles and extra Heddles,
Original chain Tie-Ups,
New apron cords,
12 Dent SS Reed,
Refinished Norwood Loom Bench,
Refinished Norwood Tension Box,
Custom Spool Rack holds 32/6" Spools.
And a Free Warping Class if needed.

Norwood 30" 4 Shaft Loom
w/Sectional Back Beam

and Accessories

This beautiful 30" Norwood Cherry Loom has been completely striped, refinished and mechanically restored. She is in like new condition, completely tested and fully set up and ready to weave so you can give her a test before you buy. The Original Norwood Bench and Tension Box have also been restored. The Spool Rack is not original, but a nice quality piece.

148 Mill District Road, Allegan MI. 49010  Phone: (269) 903-6883