This is a very unique and early Cherry Norwood Folding Loom, most likely built in Chicago in the very early years of the Norwood Loom Company. Has no markings or name plate but is unmistakably Norwood. She has undergone a complete restoration which included the fabrication of missing or broken parts. She has a very unique feature, where the front Breast Beam un-hooks and folds down to the floor for ease of threading the heddles (As seen in the photo of Deb warping the loom)

Loom Purchase Includes:

New Shaft on Sectional Warp Beam

Custom Made Replacement Crank

12 Dent Reed

Flat Steel Heddles

Warped and Tested


Used and Fully Restored,

Very Early Cherry Norwood Folding Loom. 

4 Shafts, 4 Treadle, Direct Tie-Up. 

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