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& Old Mill Yarn

Package Includes:

Custom Slanted Bench w/Drawer

2 Warp Beams (Plain and Sectional)

Flat Steel Heddles

2 Stainless Steel Reeds (8 Dent & 10 Dent)

LeClerc Boat Shuttle w/ 4 Bobbins

Reed and Heddle Hooks

2 Lease Sticks

Texsolve Tie-Ups

Fully Warped & Tested


Completely Restored
26" Gilmore Maple Floor Loom
4 Shafts / 6 Treadles w/ Bench
Plain and Sectional Beams

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This amazing little loom by Gilmore, is in excellent condition. Fully restored and refinished, this is one powerful little loom that packs quite a punch.

She is a very sturdy Floor Loom of Solid Maple in a nice compact size. Strong enough to handle any rug and delicate enough to handle your finest Linens. She comes with a Plain Warp Beam for your smaller, more delicate projects and a Sectional Warp Beam for your heaver, longer projects. She also has an amazing, Slanted Bench with a slide out drawer for all your tools. She has been warped and tested and is ready for you to come and have a go at her.

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