Loom Includes:


10 Dent Stainless Steel Reed

Treadle Locks

Tool Shelf

Boat Shuttle w/Bobbins

Ski Shuttle

Cloth Apron on Take up Beam

2 Lease Sticks

16 Warping Sticks

Over 800 String Heddles

Overhead Beater

This is a beautiful early Cranbrook made by J. P. Bexell & Son in Pontiac Michigan.

She is a Countermarch Style 4 Shaft (Expandable to 8) 6 Treadle (Expandable to 10) with a Plain Warp Beam, Overhead Beater, Treadle Locking system, Ratchet and Pawl Brake System, a ton of String Heddles and a new Stainless Steel 10 Dent Reed.

She has been warped and tested and ready for you to take her for a test weave before you purchase. She has one flaw... One of the handles is broken off on the Warp Beam crank. We are trying to get our wood turner to make a replacement for it.

This is a larger loom that has to be disassembled to move, but fortunately, it breaks down easily via a pegging system. Only two bolts to undo. You will need a Pickup Truck or a trailer to get her home.


Restored, 46" Cranbrook
Countermarch Loom
4 Shaft, 6 Treadle w/ Bench

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