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Loom Package Includes:

Custom Carved Beater Bar

Walnut Bench with Sliding Seat

Convertible Warp Beam (Sectional & Plain)

Inserted Eye Heddles

Stainless Steel Reeds 60" 15 Dent

2 Walnut Lease Sticks

Warped and Tested

Accessory Kit if Purchased With Loom:​


12" Bluster Bay Walnut Boat Shuttle

24" Bluster Bay Walnut Ski Shuttle

Reed & Heddle Hooks

Fireside looms are without exception, amazing looms. This exceptional loom is made of Solid Walnut, as is the Sliding Bench that comes with it. It's Warp beam is convertible from a Plain Beam to a Sectional with minimal effort. She has a Drag Brake for smooth advancement of your project. She comes with two Stainless Steel Reeds, (10 Dent and 15 Dent) and a set of Walnut, Bluster Bay Shuttles. She is fully tested and ready for you to give her a whirl.

Beautiful, Like New Condition
Fireside Floor Loom
8 Shafts, 10 Treadle

with Sliding Bench
Solid Walnut
with Custom Carved Beater Bar