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Cleaned and mechanically restored, this LeClerc, "Fanny" 46" 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle Counterbalance Floor loom is in near perfect condition. She has been completely gone through, adjusted and tested. She is capable of weaving anything from Rag Rugs to your delicate Linens.

She comes with a Shed Regulator that allows the loom to lift 1 shaft against 3 for greater pattern abilities. She has 24 all new Tie-up cords. Has Canvas Aprons, both Front and Rear. Tons of Wire Heddles, Matching Bench with storage. She is warped and ready for you to take her for a spin before you take her home.

This Loom Package Includes:

46" Counterbalance Floor Loom

4 Shafts, 6 Treadles

Matching Bench

6 Dent Reed

Boat Shuttle with 4 Bobbins

Ski Shuttle

Loads of extra Heddles

2 Lease Sticks

2 Specialized Screwdrivers 

Crank for Plain Warp Beam


LeClerc "Fanny", 46" 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle Counterbalance Loom w/Shed Regulator

and matching Bench

148 Mill District Road, Allegan MI. 49010  Phone: (269) 903-6883