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Antique, Rare Structo 8" 8 Shaft Table Loom in Excellent Original Condition, No Rust

This is an Antique Structo Weaving Loom. Structo was well known during the 1940's for their metal toy trucks and cars and during WWII, they made many military style trucks, tanks and jeeps. Recognizing that they had no toys for Girls... they developed the fully functional 8" Table Loom. Normally made in the 4 Shaft style, they came fully warped and ready to go. Additional spools of warp were able to be ordered.

The 8 Shaft loom is a rare find as they made very few of them. Many years later, they started making the wooden version as a Craft Loom, both in 4 and 8 Shaft and also in wider weaving widths.

For it's age... this one is in exceptional condition. The warp beam is being used as a plain beam. We have 3 of the 4 warp spools that would have come with them. Unfortunately, most folks threw them out when they were no longer available.

Loom comes with:

A few extra flat steel heddles

3 Warp Spools

2 Stick Shuttles