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Rigid Heddle Beginning Class    Date: Call Sarah to schedule (269) 286-9998

Rigid heddle loom weaving is fun and easy. In this class, students will learn:

*The parts of a rigid heddle loom

*Weaving terms

*Weaving techniques

*Begin weaving on your rigid heddle loom.

This class will teach you how to plan your project, how to warp your loom, and get you well on your way to weaving a project such as Mug Rugs, Scarf, Shawl, etc. limited only by your imagination and the size of your loom.

Please bring your rigid heddle loom with you. Materials will be available for purchase.

Note: Your place in this class is not held until we receive your payment by cash or check.
We do not accept Credit Card payments for classes.
Price:$45 for 3 hours

Upcoming Schedule of Classes

Please take note of our payment and Cancellation Policy:
Our class sizes are very limited and your place in one is reserved by your payment on a first come basis. Your place in class is not held until we receive your payment. We reserve the right to cancel a class for low registration or reasons beyond our control. If a class is cancelled, we will inform you of the cancellation within 7 days of the class and we will refund your payment in full. While we love sharing our craft and we appreciate everyone who wants to learn to weave, please understand that there is a significant amount of time and materials invested in the preparation of the looms for these classes. We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control may arise and can prevent you from attending our class, however your cancellation does not reduce our time and materials invested, therefore we must charge a $20 fee for cancellation. Students, who cancel prior to 14 days of the date of the class, will receive a refund minus the $20 cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations and class fees will be forfeited if students cancel 14 days or less from the date of the class unless we can fill your place with another student. If we can find a replacement for you, we will then issue a refund minus the $20 cancellation fee. We reserve the right to deviate from this policy at our discretion on an individual basis. This is not to say that we would change the refund policy for anyone who was already involved in the policy, we stand by those guarantees, but we reserve the right to make exceptions.

Joy of Weaving      Date: Call to schedule (269) 903-6883  Time: 6 Hour Class. Can be done in one day or two days with 3 Hrs each day. 2 Students Required. Two consecutive days, three hours each, all materials included. Subjects covered in class:

* The anatomy of the loom
* Types of Looms
* Weaving terminology
* Winding Shuttles
* Selvages
* Draft Reading
* Weaving!!!

This is an introductory class into the art of weaving, where an interested person may experience the fun and creativity of this ancient and often taken for granted Art. Students will enjoy 6 hours of instruction on weaving with our 4 shaft Schacht Wolf Pup looms. They will learn the basic functions and parts of the looms and the advantages and dis-advantages of the several different styles of looms. Warping will NOT be taught in this class. A brief discussion of Draft Reading will be included to gain an understanding of pattern set-up. Each student will take home their project. We accept Cash or Check but we do not take Credit Cards on Classes.
Price: $90.00

Private & Semi-private weaving class     Call for a time that works into your schedule. Private & Semi-private weaving class can be scheduled for $15 per hour during our regular open hours Note: Your place in this class is not held until we receive your payment by cash or check. We do not accept Credit Card payments for classes.

Loom Warping;      Date: Call to schedule (269) 903-6883 Time: 1 Full Day 10:00 AM Till Done. 1 day class for up to 2 students, taught on the Schacht Wolf Pup. Some of the subjects covered in the class:

* Planning the project
* Equipment needed
* The Sett
* Yarn Calculations
* The Warping Board
* Threading the Heddles
* Winding on the Warp
* Tricks for correcting errors
Students will learn the process of Dressing and Warping the loom "Front to Back". The class will be taught on our studio looms. Plain Beam looms will be covered.  Students are encouraged to bring a lunch. We have a refridearator and microwave.

Note: Your place in this class is not held until we receive your payment by cash or check.
We do not accept Credit Card payments for classes.
Price: $120.00

148 Mill District Road, Allegan MI. 49010  Phone: (269) 903-6883