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We have fun things to do in Michigan... Our "Weave it Yourself" Looms!

 We have three beautifully restored Weavers Delight looms, built by the Newcomb Loom Co. in our shop. These are simi-automatic looms that even a child as young as 5 can use. This is great family fun or a Ladies Day Out or a  Field Trip for Home Schoolers or a Cub Scout/ Girl Scouts troop.

   This is as easy as it gets for a person that knows nothing at all about weaving but would like to try it. We set the looms up so adults and kids, with no experience at all, can come in and have a blast weaving a rag rug or cotton towel of their own design.

   You can bring in your own rags, and weave a rug for $5.00 per foot or use our rags for $8.00 per foot. Towels are 45 cents an inch, all materials included. Rugs take about an hour per foot to complete. Towels take about an hour. We recommend calling in and reserving a loom. More than one person can work on a loom. 

Want to try something NEW in Michigan this weekend? Looking for fun things to do?
How about trying your hand at weaving your own Rag Rug or Towel? Here's some cool things to do while in West Michigan...

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