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2855 36th st, Allegan, MI 49010

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600 River Road | Otsego, MI 49078 | Business Office: 269-694-282

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Closed: Sun, Mon, Tue.  Open: Wed - Sat 10 AM to 5 PM

Regent Theatre

Apple Orchards, CiderMills, Things to do in West MI

6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 49408

(269) 561-8651

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Baker Allegan Studios, Art Gallery, Antiques, Weaving, Spinning and Yarn Shop. New and Used Weaving Looms.

Allegan County Fairgrounds
150 Allegan Co Fair Drive
Allegan, Michigan 49010

Our orchards have apples, cherries, peaches and pumpkins as they become available throughout the season. We have a 20-acre Corn Maze; a lot of creative energy and a huge amount of work goes into this project every year to make it the best corn maze anywhere.

The Old Jail Museum.
Located in downtown Allegan, this museum was the Allegan County jail and sheriff's residence from 1906-1963. We have over 10,000 Allegan County artifacts that will give you a glimpse into the county's past.

Allegan's old Regent Theatre may look historic, but she has the latest digital projector and surround sound system installed and runs the latest first run movies on one of the largest single screens in Michigan. We still make our own popcorn and have all your favorite candies and soda pop. You'll feel like you stepped back in time until the move starts... then you'll be blown away.

Cranes U-Pick Orchards and Cider Mill

While you're in town to see Baker Allegan Studios... here are a few other family outings and day trip type fun things to do in West Michigan. You can get really adventurous and go sky diving or just chill on a horse drawn carriage ride. From antiques to ice cream... Allegan and its surrounding areas has a great adventure just waiting for you.


Ride a 600’ Zip Line over the Kalamazoo river, take a look around and Zip 600" back to the starting platform. Once you have landed at the starting tower you have the opportunity to do the QUICK Jump exit. The QUICKJump is a device that let’s you get the sensation of a free fall for a bit before going into a controlled descent to the landing mat.

Historic Theaters in West Michigan

148 Mill District Road, Allegan MI. 49010  Phone: (269) 903-6883

Ski Hills West Michigan, Ski Resorts West Michigan, Snowboarding West Michigan, Bittersweet Resort Allegan

Fun Things to do West Michigan

& Old Mill Yarn

Bittersweet Ski Resort

113 Walnut Street Allegan MI 49010
Open Saturdays 10am- 4pm
Private tours available: Call 269-673-8292

Sow Spun Silk Fiber Arts Studio

211 Trowbridge Street
Allegan, MI 49010. 269.673.2737
Mon - Sun: 7:00pm Feature $4.00
Sat - Sun: 2:00pm Matinee $3.00

Baker Allegan Studios

Wild West Ranchis a family owned and operated ranch that began in 1995 “with a pony for the kids”. Our mission is to share the love and joy of horses with people of all ages and abilities. We offer a variety fun, and safe opportunities to experience our horse family while enjoying be beautiful outdoors

We offer the following seasonal rides by appointment only:
Trail Rides, Carriage Rides, Pony Rides and Sleigh Rides

Bittersweet is 350 feet vertical, with a total of 20 runs.
Our lift service:The Sweet Express Quad chairlift, 2 Wonder Carpets for beginners, 7 standard chairlifts, and 2 tow ropes.
The Poison Ivy Terrain Park has its own dedicated lift.

Allegan Antiques, Michigan's Finest Antique Show

The show is held the last Sunday of the Month, April through September.
200 Dealers Inside
200 Dealers Outside & Under Canopies
Admission is $4 per person
Parking is always FREE
Show hours 8AM to 4PM Sunday

740 Grand St., Allegan, MI 49010

Jumping out of perfectly good planes since 2001!

HOURS: Tues - Sat 10am - 8pm, Sun 11am - 6pm

139 Riverfront Plaza
Allegan, MI 49010
(269) 673-9460