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Used 40" 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle Norwood Floor Loom

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1860 McIntosh Saxony Spinning Wheel

   We have an excellent reputation for quality Used Weaving Looms for sale in West Michigan. Every weaving loom we take in is completely evaluated for its ability to function as intended by its manufacturer, the condition of the wood and the feel to the touch, its ease of motion and its ease of set-up. Some looms were built with technology that was fine for the time... but newer designs are much better for today's weavers and so if possible, we will update these looms to include these newer features. Some looms we clean and apply a fresh coat or two of hand rubbed oil finish and mechanically restore the loom.

   Some looms we completely disassemble, strip, sand and refinish with a fine hand rubbed oil finish as well as mechanically restore. After they are looking and working good... we set them up and run them for projects and classes to be sure that everything functions perfectly. If any problems become evident, the problem is resolved by replacing parts or re-engineered to work better than designed. We believe that weaving should be a relaxing and pleasurable art, and fighting with your equipment isn't pleasurable... so we put every loom through the "Deb Test", which involve warping it up and weaving off several pieces. So, if Deb doesn't like it... we don't sell it. When Deb is completely satisfied with the function and finish... we put a price tag on it and leave it set up so the new prospective owner can try it before they buy it. In this way, you know you are looking at a used looms for sale, that you know work great and can have total piece of mind in your purchase.

   We also advise on the type of loom you need for the weaving you want to do. If you want to make rugs... you need a rug loom. If you want to make fabric... you need a lighter loom. We'll point you in the right direction for the right weaving loom for you.

   We also offer a free loom warping class to everyone who purchases a loom from us so you know when you get it home... you can truly enjoy your new-to-you loom. And, as an added bonus... if ever you need a refresher course on setting up your loom, you are welcome to come in to our shop and help Deb warp a loom or two at no cost. If you're looking for Used Weaving Looms For Sale in West Michigan... you've found the right place for them.

Used Loom for sale LeClerc 46" 4 Shaft 6 Treadle Floor Loom

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