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Pleased to find how nicely this Antique Wheel turned out after completely disassembling, deep cleaning and re-oiling the finish, making repairs, replacing missing pegs and reassembling her. She is absolutely beautiful and spins like a dream. She even came with her original 3 bobbins, which is crucial in actually being able to use a spinning wheel.

The maker is a well-known Spinning Wheel maker and family in Nova Scotia Canada and is easily researched. It should be noted that this is a "Flax Wheel" that has a very small orifice in the Flyer. Not really suitable for a beginner spinner. She is more of a collectable Trophy Piece for an accomplished Spinner.

Fully Restored Antique Saxony Style Spinning Wheel.

Signed and Dated

I.S. McIntosh, 1860

Made in Nova Scotia, Canada


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