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& Old Mill Yarn

don't worry, we have another one waiting on restoration.

This beautiful, restored, Solid Cherry Norwood loom is a highly desirable and cherished by weavers the world over. They not only weave beautifully... but they are a piece of Art in your home. Designed for finer weaving, we do not recommend if you are looking to do any quantity of Rag Rugs. The 50" width is perfect if you want to do Throws or Baby Blankets. This loom comes with it's original Matching Bench. She is warped and tested and ready for you to take her for a spin.

If you are new to weaving, we highly recommend the  Accessory Package as it has everything you need to weave with this loom (Except the Yarn) :>)


​Norwood Spool Rack (Holds 45 Spools, Not included)

Norwood Cherry Electric Bobbin Winder

LeClerc Boat Shuttle with bobbins

​Heddle & Reed Hooks

Restored 50" Cherry Norwood Floor Loom W/ Bench.

4 Shaft / 6 Treadle

Loom & Bench only: SOLD