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Fully Restored Schacht 36"
4 Shaft 6 Treadle, Floor Loom
with Matching Adjustable Bench

Just finished this beautiful, fully restored Schacht Floor Loom. Every single piece of her was dissembled, cleaned, sanded and refinished with a Hand-Rubbed Danish Oil Finish.

She has a Plain Warp Beam with new Texsolv Apron Cords. Approx. 100 Flat Steel Heddles on each of the 4 shafts. New Texsolv Apron Cords on the Cloth Beam and a matching, Fully Restored Schacht Adjustable Bench.

She is as beautiful as the day she was built. Which, according to her serial number of 349, was in 1979. She is warped, Tested and ready for you to take her for a spin. Free warping class included with sale.

148 Mill District Road, Allegan MI. 49010  Phone: (269) 903-6883